Introducing: Rockstart Impact Myanmar!

If you have heard from our secret agents about Rockstart Impact’s expansion to Myanmar, yes- you heard it right! We are super thrilled to share this news with all of you who have supported our success in Kathmandu for the past three years and given us so much love and recognition in the Nepali entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are thankful, heartily! When we started  Rockstart Impact back in 2014, th …

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Cash in waste!

Nepal is a land full of problems which often give a way to entrepreneurs who make a business out of the problems with a tangible solution. These solutions are not only helping the entrepreneurs generate income for themselves but are contributing to the economy of the country.  In this blog post, we will take you through a burning problem that Nepal is currently facing and an entrepreneur who has …

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All about Demo Day!

Demo Day 2017
Nepali entrepreneurs present their business cases amidst investors!
The stage was set- it looked nothing short of spectacular- strobe lights sketched a synchronized pattern as they followed the 9 entrepreneurs on stage, as they made powerful pitches to a roomful of investors, and industry leaders. They were the real rock stars of the evening at Hotel Himalaya at Rockstart Impact De …

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The mentor-mentee relationship

First published in The Himalayan Times, 19.02.2017

The word ‘mentor’ is first recorded in history in Homer’s The Odyssey. Mentor, who is portrayed as a wise man is assigned to educate Odysseus’ son, Telemachus. Mentor is given the responsibility of the kingdom and Telemachus when Odysseus goes to fight in the Trojan War …

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The untold story

The people and process behind Nepal’s largest accelerator programme
First published in The Himalayan Times, 12.02.2017
Rockstart Impact was introduced to Nepali entrepreneurs back in 2014 by One to Watch, an invest management company and has successfully completed two editions till date and are currently running the third iteration. Rockstart Impact bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and impa …

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Booming Berry Business

Nature provides abundant business opportunities
First published in The Himalayan Times, 05.02.2017

Sitting down with one of the 10 companies from the third batch of Rockstart Impact, National Organics, founder Hari Chandra Poudyal generates employment and multiplies the social impact he has to offer by making use of a natural resource that is found in abundant in Nepal- Rittha (soapberries).

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