Tapping Nepal’s hydro potential

Frist published in the Himalayan Times, 15.01.2017

Bestowed with 2.27% of the world water resources, 818,500 Ha of total water surface area, about 6,000 rivers including rivulets and tributaries totalling about 45,000 KM in length, Nepal is the second richest country in inland water resources.

The persistent nature of rivers and the …

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An end to farmers’ woes?


First published in The Himalayan Times, 08.01.2017  

Nepal has always been an agricultural country despite dotted with hills and mountains. Although the geography meant that farming would always be difficult and produce limited, still 66% of the population still making a living through the same, even today. With so much human re …

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Making agriculture fun!

First published in The Himalayan Times, 01.01.2017

‘My father has worked as a farmer all his life and he left Nepal in early 2000s to work as a farmer in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel. I often asked myself, why would a farmer leave his country to do the same work in someone else’s land but not his own?’ shares Paras Katuwal, founder of Nepal Thopa Sinchai (NTS).  He adds, ‘My vision b …

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Mushroom all year round!

First published in The Himalayan Times, 25/12/2016

Suman Maharjan is a mushroom farmer who was introduced to me via acquaintances as ‘the Mushroom Don of Nepal.’ I was, since then, very keen on meeting Suman and knowing more about his business. One of the 10 companies in the third batch of Rockstart Impact, Suman is the founder of Mush Nepal and is one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs th …

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Making direct impact

 First published in The Himalayan Times on 18.12.2016

‘Did you know that the import to export ratio in Nepal is 10:1?’ Dipesh Khetan, founder of Global Chemicals shares. ‘I finished my MBA in 2014 and since then, in spite of the heavy business family background that followed me, my heart was not into the thought limiting myself just to trading. I did a small study about forest based prod …

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The business of water

First published in the Himalayan Times, 11.12.2016

Kathmandu valley has been struggling with access to water since early 2000s. With the population rapidly growing at the rate of 4.7% annually, and houses-apartments multiplying manifold ample water for every household seems like a farfetched dream. In Nepal, we are still struggling to meet basic needs. This also presents opportunities of entrep …

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